Implant Restoration

Precision in Dental Implant Restorations

New Hope Dental Lab offers your patients many implant restoration options with the most technologically advanced, highest quality products available. No matter the complexity or scope of the restoration, our lab experts are available to help you make the right choice when treatment planning for your patients. When you partner with New Hope Dental Lab, you gain the benefits of unparalleled enhanced precision and marginal integrity, all with consistent and uncompromising quality.

3D Zirconia Crowns on Hybrid Custom Abutments

Custom Titanium Abutment Screw Retained FCZ

Implant Supported Full Arch

Screw Retained Implant

Hybrid Zirconia Custom Abutment with Ti Base

Why Choose New Hope Dental Lab for Implant Restorations?

  • Attention to Detail:New Hope Dental Lab stands behind the precision and detail in the prosthetics we create. Our lab manager has 39 years of lab technician experience.
  • Approach:We combine cutting-edge technology with traditional craftsmanship to provide prostheses that are both functional and aesthetic. We approach every case and client with high-quality care and effective communication.
  • Cost Competitive:New Hope Dental Lab guarantees only the highest degree of workmanship that distinguishes us from the competition. We do this while being cost competitive with our products and services.
  • Quick Turnaround:At New Hope Dental Lab, we understand the importance of quick, reliable service when it comes to meeting your patients’ needs. We offer fast turnaround times. All work is guaranteed 2 weeks or faster in our lab.

Meet Our Lab Manager/CDT, DTG:

Melanie Williams, CDT, DTG, has over 39 years of lab technician experience as she started her apprenticeship in New Orleans, LA in 1978. She is a CDT, DTG, and has held her license for over 10 years. She also serves on the NCDLA Board (North Carolina Dental Lab Association), won their Rising Star award in 2010 and is very active in the Dental Technician Guild. She specializes in all fields of removable prosthesis and was awarded the Pillar Scholarship in 2005. She continuously presents at dental conferences across the country and is very active with the NC Missions of Mercy.
Melanie is available ANYTIME for your needs!

Warranty on materials and craftsmanship: New Hope Dental Lab guarantees only the highest degree of workmanship. If unsatisfied with any crown or bridge, PLEASE SEND IT BACK and we will remake at no charge. HOWEVER, if a new shade or material is indicated on the script, we will charge a $50 change fee. All removable and fixed work are guaranteed for 3 years. This means any de-bonding that occurs on removable prosthesis OR any fractures on fixed work will be replaced with no questions asked. HOWEVER, if a denture fractures or crown de-bonds, this is due to a patient or doctor error and must be fixed with a fee from the lab. There is NO WARRANTY on provisionals such as repairs, flippers, immediates or acrylic partials with wire clasps. The customer will be responsible for half of the cost to remake a restoration due to fit if a reduction coping is originally sent.

Get COST COMPETITIVE, HIGHER AESTHETIC lab work started today!

All work is guaranteed 2 weeks or SOONER in lab!


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